Brother Silvestre, a thin elderly man with a white mustache, is Don Felipe’s son. He had the sermon this last Sabbath. He said that when he used to do door-to-door work he met a man, a former Adventist who told him “I have three blows against you. If you can answer them, then I’ll listen to you.

First of all there is this brother X that goes to your church. He is so unloving.”

In response, Silvestre told the man a story: “There was a farmer who planted his whole field full of radishes, and just a few tomatoes. Almost nobody bought the radishes, but the

tomatoes sold very well at a high price. Is there a shortage of love in the church? Don’t leave! Plant something worthwhile! Plant some love and kindness!” Brother Silvestre never did tell us what how the man liked his answer, nor what the other two “blows” were, but I thought his little parable was worth sharing. But the next story he told to illustrate the importance of unity in seeking the lost was one I will never forget:

There was a small boy who was lost in a huge rice field. The rice was thick and lush and as high as an elephant’s eye. The boy’s parents searched and searched and called and called to no avail. They called the neighbors and the local authorities, and soon a large force of search and rescue volunteers showed up to help. Everyone struck out into the field, but after hours of fruitless searching they were ready to give up. Finally someone had the idea that they link hands and form a chain that spanned the entire width of the field. The search began again, but together this time, the rescuers systematically covered every inch of that rice field. Somewhere in the middle they found the boy. Sadly, it was too late. He was already dead.”

How much more could be done if our churches would organize themselves in united and intentional soul winning? How many are dying today because we each launch off on our own individual endeavors, or worse still, never go to work at all? May God give us more love for the perishing, and a sense of urgency that will inspire us to more fervent and united action!