Last year, when we visited the USA, one of our donors said she would like us to get a Bible for every month she donates. Recently, we found the opportunity to fulfill that request.

Chiang Mai Adventist Academy has a week of prayer each semester. At each week of prayer, the Thailand Bible Society brings Bibles and Christian books to the Academy, so that the students (many of whom are Buddhist) can buy these materials.

So, our team went to this sale, and purchased 12 Bibles in the Thai language and gave them to the pastor to give to students, especially since he knows which ones are interested in the Bible and are too poor to buy one for themselves. It was such a joy

To be the courier for our American friend to give Bibles to others!

Pastor Pada said that there are many more students who need a Bible. The plan is to purchase Karen Bibles next. There is also a need for hymnals.

We would love to do this again! Who would like to send Bibles and hymnals to Thailand?

We are always very thankful for those who are able to support us financially! We are grateful to be here in Thailand, and praise God for providing for our mission through ordinary folks.


The Bair Family