“My name is Liama Seng Yang. I live in Khunsanai. I am 72 years old.

I want to tell people all around the world the reason why I became Christian and how God helped me. Before I became Christian I was a shaman (witch doctor). The reason that I became Christian was because an evil spirit tried to destroy my brother and me, so we became Christians and the evil spirit went away. After God called me to come to Him, another demon possessed me as before when I was a shaman (a witch doctor). But this time he came to me in different way— he used the Bible, and gave visions to me, and tried to prophesy some things that would happen to the world. When Satan tricked me he would use the Bible, nine things he said were correct but one thing would be wrong.

He then told me, “If you and your wife become sister and brother only, I will give you the Holy Spirit.” I didn’t know this was Satan, and I did what he told to me to do. Again he told me, “Don’t eat on the Sabbath.” So I stopped eating on the Sabbath for almost three years. The devil was with me almost nine years during this time. I felt pain all over my body, had a stomachache, and I could not eat well for almost 8 months. I almost died. Then I went to hospital and the doctor gave me a blood transfusion. I prayed to God the Father, who created the heaven and the earth, every day and every night.

Before that happened, I had prayed a lot, but God did not answer my prayers because I had turned my face to another god. But in the hospital, I turned back to the creator God and went to church again after that.

After I repented, Satan again came to me when I was asleep, in my dreams. He tried to repossess me, but I said to him, “I did not believe you anymore! Now I have turned my face to God and now I do not want you anymore! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, go away.” Sometimes I woke up at night and Satan would try to do some things to make me afraid, but I rebuked him in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and he went away. This happened many times, but I did not listen to Satan anymore and so now he has gone away.

I thank God that He called me back. Satan is very smart and no human can compare to him, but God is greater than him. Sometimes if people turn their back to God they will never return to Him again. But I was able to come back to God, because God was helping me. I was lost so many years from God. I am the lost son—I went far away from God, and yet God called me back and I returned to Him.”