While distributing food baskets for the project Serviendo con Amor [I] with my in-laws’’ church my group visited Don Felipe. Don Felipe is 97 years old and lives alone. We found him preparing breakfast with his cowboy hat on. He pulled up some chairs for us and then took a seat in the hammock. He used to make brooms and sell them but now his fingers aren’t nimble enough and his sight is failing.

He has family that visits him every couple of weeks, and God always provides. “I always have something to eat.”

“Would you like us to sing for you? Do you have a favorite hymn?”

“When the roll is called up yonder.” He responded immediately. “This song brought me to the truth. When I was young I had a dream where I heard the music as if it were passing by my house, but when I woke up I heard nothing. I only had the strong impression that I should go to church the coming Saturday. There was only one church in town that met on Saturday, and that was the Adventist church. The next Saturday I met up with a friend and I asked him when the last time he thought of going to church was. I told him about my dream and the strong impression that followed, and he said,

‘Well, let’s go then, what are we waiting for?’ He threw away his cigarettes and I threw away mine and we went to church. After the service my friend and I stayed around and I asked if anyone knew the song I had heard in my dream. I still had the melody clear in my head, so I whistled a little piece, and right away the brothers said;

‘Hey, we have that one in the hymnal!’

And wouldn’t you know, it was ‘When the roll is called up yonder! So now you know why I like that song so much. And you know, I never left the church since that day!”

Don Felipe never knew how that song got stuck in his dream. Maybe his angel sung it in his ear, or who knows, maybe some faithful soul, joyful in the promise of a soon coming savior, was whistling on his way to work early in the morning.