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Then God will open it…

The government of Cameroon made a strange move to close schools, especially private schools. So our school in Lassin was closed. This normally takes place under a lot of pressure, people coming out with force to close it. At one of these forceful movements to close our school the authorities said that they would make […]

Why we lost the airbus

When we got to the bus station, it was just in time to start boarding. Just then the bus driver, the loader and the ticket collector told us we have too many bags. The rule is two bags per person but we had six in all. We tried our best to find ways around the […]

School teacher

While in Congo I did a fair amount of dental work. This was the first time I did any significant amount of pulling teeth independently. What I mean is that before, I worked at the hospital in Chad with other people that also knew some or a lot about pulling teeth. Last summer I had

the […]

India and Thailand

We are having a very blessed Sabbath as we reflect on how this trip has effected and changed each of our lives. All of us have been changed. We have seen firsthand the great need that is in our world to know Jesus. The places we have been and the people we have met are […]

Passport miracle

I just want to share the story about how Helen and I got our residency in Bolivia.

On the 18th of February we turned our passports in with our paperwork. Helen was applying for 2 year residency and I was applying for permanent residency.

On the 28th of February Ximena turned in the request to borrow our […]

Our trip in Congo

We have been back in Chad (from our trip to Congo) for two and a half weeks now. We just finished our first 8-day training session at Kelo, a town about 45km west of here.

We traveled by motorbike and arrived there Friday afternoon. The last time we traveled that road was on our way out […]

Olga’s mission

Kromeriz is a city in the Czech Republic, and it has a strong catholic influence. There are statues everywhere in the city to remind the people of their catholic background. There is a beautiful garden with wild animals. Tropical parrots and monkeys were there in the snow along with beautiful deer, rabbits, goats, doves and […]

The hand that intervened

“Jeff, did you get a chance to look at the car window yet?” I asked, it was after five o’clock in the evening.

“No, not yet, let me run and look at it real quick.”

The car window stopped going up and down on Thursday and it was Sunday afternoon. The main problem was that every time […]

Books to the trusting ones

A colporting girl in Romania has related this story to me:

There was a group of colporteurs that took this decision to go once a month in a weekend somewhere farther than their home city to do colporting. One of this event arrived but as much as they have been struggling to get the books, the […]

Helping hands in Costa Rica

We’ve been so much involved especially in taking care of the sister suffering with terminal cancer. Even though for a short while, it seems as we’ve known her for many years as all these days have been so very intense physically and emotionally for all of us. Our sister Doreth has passed to rest two […]