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Greetings from the MOVE mission campus near Orange Walk, Belize! This is a good place to be for Christmas! Lyli and I came to attend “In the Power of His Might,” a three-day mission congress to motivate the local churches to get more involved in both local and foreign mission work. A few days […]


On Sabbath afternoon it was time to practice what we preached. All of us divided into groups according to our home church or mission project and organized a service activity to do within the next three weeks. Lyli and I joined the MOVE staff and planned a Christmas Eve concert to hold in the Orange […]

Sharing our vision

One afternoon, while I was walking down the street, I and my friend stopped to rest. A man walked over to talk with us. He knew very little English, so I tried out my conversational Thai. He asked why we came to Thailand. I said in Thai “to tell people about Jesus.” He gave me […]

Czech Sanitarium and TV Channel

Praise God for hearing many years’ long prayers for establishment of the Czechoslovak sanitarium! Graduates of OCI schools prayed that they could express God´s love to Czech and Slovak people through healing and teaching God´s health and moral laws. On the bases of God´s promises, that the Sanitarium is the best way of reaching all […]


Contradictions: Wet and Dry

For a long time we were praying for the rain, since our field of onions was not growing, and despite the forecasts of drought, our land received the rain necessary to make our thirsty onions grow.

But the time of the harvest came, and our onions, large and beautiful, were ready to be […]

Sabbath blessing count

Sabbath peace and greetings to all of you in Christ! We welcomed the Sabbath this evening singing the hymn “How Great thou Art” accompanied by rolling thunder and lightning-gilded clouds. What a spectacular God we serve! For the vespers meditation, I invited three people to share something about how great God has been for them […]

Dad, Has God Healed Me Yet?

Our trip to the Island of the long white cloud was scheduled to happen on a Monday. The day before the flight, Keren woke up with red spots all over her body. She had chicken pox! After all the trial with the money, now she was unfitted to travel. I was very much disappointed and […]

Shifting flour

I bought whole wheat flour from the market here in Bolivia a week ago. I try to buy enough that I only need to go into the city every 2’nd week, since we have our own little vegetable garden, it makes it even more possible.

I started to measure off the flour to bake some bread, […]

Attempted Robbery

Tuesday morning even smelled like Independence Day. I stashed several watermelons to cool in the creek, and split some firewood for the kitchen, while the kids went to march in Yata to fulfill our legal obligation as an accredited school to participate in a minimum of one civic event annually.´

This was the first time that […]

Trip along the river

I couldn’t stop my thoughts the night before last, and a host of family and friends passed through my mind and I lifted them (you) up to God. I began to feel sad as I realized how many opportunities I have squandered throughout my life, opportunities to take more of an interest in the welfare […]