This past month has FLOWN by! We have been busy and God has been good. The treatment of our dear Muslim friend is continuing. She is slowly showing improvement. God is so good. Her husband is a very interesting person. Once several years ago, he tried to get us to argue about religion. We tried to make the conversation about comparing our religions but arguing. Since then, religion comes up in our time together, but never in a confrontational manner.

Recently, he told us that he has become the priest (Imam) for local mosque. HOW GOOD IS GOD? Indeed the medical missionary work IS the entering wedge of the gospel!

On the 22nd of November, we had a SDA church history Sabbath. We covered the stories of William Miller for Sabbath School. For church, Allen went over the prophecy of the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14, and in the afternoon Sara told stories about James & Ellen White up to the time of their marriage in 1846. It went VERY well, and we hope to do another history Sabbath in the coming year. Since then, we have started a Friday evening meeting reviewing the Sanctuary service. It is a blessing to all involved.

Allen has been spending time as he can working on finishing the church. Most of the interior of the church has now been primed and is ready for puttying. One more step closer! Last week, he can home and asked for a haircut. He had gotten so involved with what he was doing that he didn’t notice that his head was resting in wet paint until he went to move and his hair stuck to the wall!

Sara has learned how to make “pointer brooms”! These are brooms made from the spine of Coconut palm fronds. The work isn’t hard, just long and dirty. She however is very proud of her first attempt.

Two weeks ago, the water in the lake was very low because of no rain and the lake being drained for use in rice planting. On our way out, our boat hit an underwater stump. Allen removed the engine from the boat to replace the shear pin. While doing that job, he noticed severe damage to the propeller and was unsure if the engine would work. After praying and doing simple repairs, he was able to get the engine working. The next day, Allen called the GAMAS director and requested a new propeller. The second day after the accident, the new propeller arrived and what a difference it has made. We didn’t realize how badly worn and

damaged the other propeller was. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

One of our neighbors has been using our landing (lake access) to wash her clothes, dishes, children & self. She and Sara are forming a friendship. She will often stop and just sit and talk (gaff) for a time. She is pregnant and expecting her baby before the New Year. Her “husband” has been away for many weeks working and she seems to want adult conversation. This has been such a blessing to Sara who has been missing family in this holiday season.

In late October, one of the Elders of the Mashabo Church was working in the jungle and had a tree fall in his foot. He had no broken bones, but did have a severely sprained ankle making it impossible for him to finish his order. The people we work with, live from payday to payday. If a man gets an order for a load of lumber and is unable to fulfill that order, he has no payday. A week after the Elder’s accident, his brother, a nephew, a neighbor and Allen went into the jungle to finish cutting and transporting his order. Allen got a REAL education in “fetching” lumber. He has a new appreciation for how HARD Amerindians work to feed their families.

We have been invited to a wilderness (jungle) survival school with GAMAS from 17th to the 30th of December. We are planning to attend and are looking forward to spending Christmas with our GAMAS family.

Sara and Alen Griffin, Guyana Exterion Mission

With Thanksgiving past and Christmas coming, we wish to extend our warming Holiday greeting to each and everyone one of you. May God lead and bless you during this Christmas season and in the coming New Year.