The world ends when one dies

My sister and I went to visit a man in the community that had questions about the Sabbath, but when we arrived at his house only his son, Jimmy, was there. A few weeks ago, I had given him a bible and told him to read it. I now asked if he had been reading it, and he said, “Yes”. When I asked him what he had been reading he responded that he had been reading Revelation. I asked him why he had been reading Revelation and he told me that he was intrigued by it because he had heard that the end of the world was close.

“I am reading Revelation but I don’t understand much about the end of the world,” said Jimmy, “What I think is that the world ends when one dies.”

Without debating his statement, I explained that God loves us. That is why he left us this book. And prophecy helps us understand the time in which we live and how to escape Satan’s delusions in these final days. I also explained that it is easier to understand revelation if one studies it along with Daniel.

“I want to learn about prophecy”, said Jimmy. “Would you like it if we studied the bible right now?” I asked. “Yes”, he answered with a smile. And so, after prayer we studied from the book of Daniel.

Jimmy is only one example of the hundreds of thousands of people who are concerned about the end of the world, but have misunderstandings about it. Who will be a laborer with God to take the light and banish darkness? Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? That is God’s question. What is your answer?