When we arrived 2 years ago, one of the things I noticed most, was that we always needed to watch our stuff because the local people were constantly looking what they could steal, and many times they did steal our stuff. If they didn’t come around to see what they could steal, they were coming over to see what other economic benefit they could gain from us.

One of these people is Crusildo. One of the men of the community. “Cataco”, as we all know him, has lived here all of his life along with his wife and 8 kids. (4 boys and 4 girls) Now after 2 years of work in the community, we can start to see the work that God is doing in the hearts of everyone, and especially in the heart of Cataco.

The other day, we left one of the cell phones out in the only spot where you can get cell service. A little bit later it started raining. Cataco came over, picked up the phone and brought it to us because he noticed that it was getting wet in the rain. This is a small evidence of the work that God is doing in his heart. He has gone from wanting to steal our stuff to wanting to take care of it. This was not the only time that he has taken care of our stuff without us asking him to. One time I forgot the battery (think car battery) in our boat along the river bank. He noticed that some children were over there playing with it, so he sent one of his daughters to our house to inform us.

One Sabbath evening we were having vespers, and during prayer time we prayed for him and his family. When we opened our eyes, Cataco was standing right outside the house listening. How exciting to see him there! We invited him into the house. He told us that he liked the hymns we sing and also when we share with him about God. He said that he wanted to know more, and that he would like it if we could have worship over at his house. So last week we

came together at his house to sing and praise God. When we finished he invited us to come again.

Now we can trust Cataco. We have even asked him to keep an eye over our stuff when we have had to leave for various days. The work of God is growing in the hearts of the community members and the Holy Spirit is touching their hearts. In the life of this man we can see a little bit of what He can do in the lives of the whole community as He gives us strength to continue His work. Maranatha! The Lord is coming soon!

By Roger Ortiz