“He wakeneth me morning by morning, he wakeneth my ear to hear as the learned”

Isaiah 50:4b

God will always wake you up if you ask him to. That has proved true for me anyway. In his mercy he will even wake you up when you don’t ask him to: at least in the spiritual sense. What He won’t do is make you get out of bed!

Matthew 25 tells us that even Christ’s people who await his return fall asleep. So with even the Christians asleep, who will awaken the world?

The world will have its wake up call. Already the alarm has begun, and sometimes it rings rather brutal. My wife and I are back in Bolivia, and all the news here is inundated with reports of severe flooding. In certain regions the grasslands are so full of water that the cattle are drowning. Over half of our boarding students are unable to come to school because the roads are impassible. In San Joaquin the army has commandeered the use of the local ferries, so river travel is also out of the question, even if one wished to brave the high waters. In Rurrenebaque, conditions have reached a state of national emergency. After three weeks of non-stop rain, the streets have become canals. There have been mud slides, over a score of people have died, and thousands are without power and drinking water.

Some of you may remember that our sister school, Familia Feliz, is just outside the town of Rurrenebaque. The school is on high ground, however, and they have a miracle well that God provided just two months ago! It is now the only source of potable water in the region, and has been for about the last three weeks. The staff and students have been busy pumping and hauling drinking water to the hospital, army base, and thirsty neighbors. They have also been working directly with the army and navy in relief and rescue efforts and doors have opened for them everywhere. The Navy base wants them to do Bible studies like they are doing with the army since last summer! (See previous post.) They have made friends with the mayor and other important city officials as well. The formerly churlish Minister of Education that previously delighted in causing them grief has suddenly become most amiable. See pictures and read the inspiring full account of the miracles recently transpiring in Familia Feliz, at Miguel Tello’s blog: http://psalms27ten.blogspot.com/

The Almighty still sits on his throne, and he is still the same as he has ever been. He is a God of justice, but he delights in mercy. When we wonder why he makes use of such drastic measures to get our attention it is often because we have become desensitized to the horrendous nature of sin. We forget that the enemy and his rebellion have brought this. God shields us more than we deserve, but if a beating is what it takes to awaken us I’ll warrant that it’s a much better alternative to dying in bed. The seriousness of the coming judgment demands a warning more urgent than this world has ever yet seen!