The Road Will Break Our Taxis

…came the repeated reply.

After four hours on a bus, two hours waiting for a taxi and a long ride down a bumpy, dusty road, we finally arrived at this semi-remote airstrip. After meeting with the village officials and taking a look at the runway, we asked to travel on.

The next airstrip was only 120 km farther down the road, but regardless of how much we begged or offered to pay, no one would take us there. “It’s not worth it to us,” came the repeated reply, “The road will break our taxis.” Our three week survey trip in the highlands of Bolivia taught us one important thing: success in beginning the medical aviation work here requires us to have our own transportation. Four-wheel-drive transportation.

We have found that in these remote places where transportation is difficult, medical aviation is a tremendously effective entering wedge. In order to operate an airplane in and out of these remote locations, however, we must first get there on the ground, even if it takes days.