Project Description

Gender: Woman
Age: 21 or older
Language: Spanish; English, she doesn’t have to speak spanish fluently but just the necessary to be able to communicate, she can learn here. We are open to receive people from any country.
Spiritual: We require someone who agrees with the SDA doctrines and Spirit of Prophecy, someone that acts, dress, and think according to this.
Term: Long term
Previous experience: Working in sanitariums, or health clinics.
Bible studies: Someone who likes to do bible studies this a very important part of their work with the people from the nearest communities.
For both positions it’s necessary to have bachelor’s degree, because the government here in Mexico, will require that kind of papers to allow them to work as volunteers at the clinic.
As you know, in this ministry we are trying to live and work by faith, so we will provide accommodation and all the missionaries cooperate for the food, but if ever the missionary has no money to cooperate there’s no problem it’s not mandatory for them to cooperate, God always provide.
There is an organization that God impressed to help us, donating all the materials for the construction of the clinic, we have already started with the foundations, we are planning  to finish the clinic by June. so the volunteers have to be willing to come the firsts weeks of June.
>We will be praying for this, and we are really thankful for your help in this matter  thanks to help us to advance the mission work in this place, may the Lord bless you in your mission field.