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Travel during Covid times

The last couple months have been busy and fulfilling. Since we last wrote we have been to Mindanao for about 5 weeks then back in Luzon for about 6 weeks and we are now back in Mindanao for a few weeks. (See map below with […]

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“Oh, they must be waving to me”

“Oh, they must be waving to me” Keila returned the greeting to a family outside a typical clapboard shanty in Santa Martha as she drove by. It is not unusual in Belize for people to wave at passing strangers. The waving continued however, and Keila […]

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The Tell of the Storms: a parable of the times

Tropical storm Cristóbal discovered the Americas on June 3 with pillaging winds of up to                                                               […]

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Miracle at the Border

Hetty, Natalia, Cecilia and Irais stand waiting with their suitcases outside the double glass doors of the Belizean Northern Border Office of Customs and Immigration. They are on their way to work in two separate mission projects in Queretaro and Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Is this place even […]

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Indonesia and Africa

Dear Friends and Family,

Indonesia and Africa
The last few months we have been traveling a lot. (Nothing new!) We left our work in Mindanao the last week of January to attend a division wide supporting ministries /missions conference in Bali, Indonesia. It was a blessing to […]

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Godspeed for the Gospel

Hi everyone. As usual, I am behind in my reporting. The following story is from last month. Also, I have attached a link for the March newsletter. We have a student in charge of preparing a monthly newsletter, which I supervise and edit. Usually our […]

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Calling Prayer Warriors: Turn the battle to the gate!

I have more things to say then there are minutes in a day, but though I find myself writing this message at the 11thhour of the night, I will try to keep this report to the most essential for now. I will say that there […]

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One Busy Sabbath

After a typically full church service we made five visits in the afternoon including two neat contacts with Evangical folks in Chan Pine Ridge. One lady named Angela is the wife of an evangelical pastor in another village and she hitchhikes every weekend to come […]

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“Nothing we can do,” but He can do Anything!


“Daniel… accident!” were the only two words I understood from the choked-up voice of sister Mirtha when Lyli answered her call on speaker phone early Monday morning.

Oh Lord, I sure hope he’s not gone. I thought, fearing the worst as Lyli stepped out of the house […]

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