Mission Reports

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I have heard it said that the faster you move the slower you age.  Here at MOVE, however, time seems to rocket right along with us. We are halfway through the first three-month training course. The last six weeks have been a blur. I am […]

Blessings and a Baby

        Our time in the US has been a great blessing to us in many ways. We were able to visit our families and give a helping hand where we saw the need. We met many new people and made new friends. […]

Let the weighing begin! 💪


Just a quick note to let you know we are still alive and doing well. Classes are half over. Massage and Anatomy end this week. Next week is hydrotherapy (which Allen will be taking this year…finally). There is only one guy this year, so we […]

South Korea

Greetings!  No doubt you’ve been wondering how thing were going out here in South Korea.  Here is a snippet (albeit a long long snippet).  We (my wife and I), are living in Busan with her parents now.  We moved from Seoul about 6 months ago […]

Words of encouragement

“Sorry to abandon you all, but I’m scheduled to share a testimony at the Spanish church in Chico” I informed my parents and their guests. Lyli, my wife, had told me she was going to stay and sleep, so I was surprised to see her […]

6-seater, 206 Airplane provided by God in January 2016

Full time work on Mindanao airbase finally started at the end of the year! “New” tractor/mower is a great help for maintaining the airstrip.

Long prayed for land finally made possible this last year! (darker green area paralleling […]

One Last Mashabo Wedding

Hello Dear Ones,


Yesterday was a bitter sweet day. The first day of a new year, the first day of a new marriage… and our last Mashabo wedding. Later today, or early tomorrow, Allen will be leaving to go to Paruima. I will be following next […]



Merry Christmas Folks! 

Funny how my plans of updating people ever two weeks turned into every month, for two months I think, and then every 6 months and then finally Christmas came to just wring a year end newsletter out of me and there went 2016! […]

Bolivia Industrial School Gets more Industrial

Another year at the Bolivia Industrial School is history. It had more than it’s share of challenges and trials, which is probably why God sent us back this year. I have a lot of growing to do and I only hope I learned the lessons […]