Mission Reports

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Pilot and teacher in Bolivia

Our names are Brandtley and Jenyve Greenlaw. For the salvation of souls, we became full-time volunteers for GMI in 2017. We saw the last day events of prophecy developing so fast before our eyes that it was impossible to ignore getting involved. There isn’t much […]

San Marcos Adventist School – Collana, Bolivia

San Marcos was the first SDA educational institution and 2nd church in Bolivia established in 1922. This September 9th will be our 95th year anniversary. Our school is a kindergarten-12th grade boarding school. We had 30 students in 2011-2013, then 60 and this year we […]

“The Spring of Health” Lifestyle Center, Serbia

Have you asked yourself, “Where do I really belong? Is where I live really my home?” My husband and I were born in Yugoslavia. In 1991, war between the two republics resulted in Yugoslavia’s ruin. My husband lived in Serbia and I lived in Croatia, two countries […]

Terceiro Anjo TV, Brazil

The Third Angel TV (TV Terceiro Anjo) was established in 2012.  It is a web based TV that reaches more than 12 million people, in about 216 countries.  We also have an online radio station which contains programming of instrumental music, spiritual messages, health tips, among […]


About 4 years ago we planned to find ways to buy and establish a channel in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Thanks to God we’ve started with spaces in cables or parabolic antennas in different municipalities of the country. In some places the message of […]

Mission Life: Long – Term Missionaries

Many people wonder if there is anything more than just working, making money, having your own home and car. Yes, there is something more… A few years ago with my wife Romina we decided to pray for God to show us what His plan was […]

Time to Fly Time to Pray – By David Gates

Time to quietly think and pray. One of the benefits of long flights across the jungles and oceans is quiet time. At least when the weather is good. After several weeks in the US with speaking appointments in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma, Aunt Becky and […]

Mexico in construction…

Hi to everyone!

It is a pleasure for us to share with you again the progress of the missionary work in this region. Undoubtedly, none of this is by human credit, all for and for the honor and glory of God.

The cover of this Newsletter contains […]


Dwayne and Sean working on the Cessna 206


Plane #2 Down

The past few months have been challenging but rewarding. In May we had the privilege of visiting and helping with some other mission aviation projects in Indonesia, and while we were there we attended a Medical […]