We are on the last days of classes here in Familia Feliz (Happy Family) and I believe that this has been a very blessed year.


I’ll briefly tell you among other things what happened, approximately a month ago we had a fire that emerged from a small fire that the boys lost control of and started to quickly spread towards the carpentry shop but thanks to God we did managed to turn it off just one meter before. In the carpentry shop there were drums of fuel that we manage to take outside but also buckets of paints that were left inside and had the fire not been detained, the losses would have been very large.

I have attached some photos.



Another miracle was of a child called Denilson from a nearby community, he put his foot in the back wheel of his father’s motorcycle as he traveled and fell asleep and his leg was mangled. After several operations, surgeries and months of recovery, thanks to God the wound has almost healed completely. The family of the injured person had no money to pay the cost of the operations, hospital stay, materials, transfers and all the great expenses acquired but Miguel Tello (director of Familia Feliz) got all the donations and currently Denilson is a student of Familia Feliz.

Yesterday we had a baptism where thirteen students accepted Christ, it was a very special moment, also I’ve provided a photo.


Also our children enjoyed a lot of their stay here, they adapted very well and they were introduced to the mango and papaya that where we live they cannot be found.


Tomorrow ends the school year in Familia Feliz and on Sunday we go back to Argentina stopping first at Santa Cruz to finish the residency process. The idea is to stay two months in Argentina, spend the holidays and return for the pilot course to Bolivia. The plan is to be able to take the pilot course in Bolivia with the help of the Brianna Cassidy Foundation.

I wish you many blessing and we will keep in touch!!!

Daniel and Elisa Pinelli