Project Description

Place: Palawan (Philippines)
Number of positions needed: 2+ singles or couples
Length of Term: Minimum 2 years

Description of possible activities: Teaching in remote, mountain schools, helping with church activities, Bible work, and medical work as time permits.

Languages required: Tagalog (or willing to learn) and English. Palawano dialect helpful.

Requirements: Active SDA member
Highly recommended: Missionary experience or missionary training, including medical missionary training if possible, and teaching experience.
Housing: provided

Vaccines: PAMAS does not require vaccines and neither does the Philippines. Some recommendations are: Tetanus, Typhoid, and Hepatitis A & B. There is no vaccine yet for Malaria. Palawan missionaries are at high risk of contacting Malaria, but treatment is available. Typhoid (from poor sanitation and affected water sources) and Dengue (from mosquitos) are common and precautions should be taken.