Project Description

Nurse to meet the health needs of the school. Also be willing to perform various activities and tasks that are asked.

REQUIREMENTS: Consecrated person who likes to work with young people and are willing to do any kind of work.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Apart from the activities in addition to health issues, include work in crops, evangelism, participation in daily worships, etc.

SERVICE TIME: The minimum service time is 6 months, preferably one year. There is no maximum time, or you can stay as long as you want.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The school gives you accommodation and food. One day off per week and can travel on that day to the town on school transport. All personal telephone and Internet expenses must be paid by the volunteer.

NOTE: You need to bring comfortable and appropriate clothing for the classroom and for outdoor work. Keep in mind that it is very hot and it also rains a lot. Also bring linens.