Project Description

The first Adventist school in Collana has been supported lately by one of our board members. GMI wants to supply the music teacher for this school since the school wants to focus on practical things- one being music. The level is not high and any person who knows the notes well and play an instrument is welcomed to teach. The same person can also teach ESL.

The location is about 2 hours from La Paz, Bolivia. It has it’s own transportation being accessible by bus. It is on the highlands so there is need of people who have been on elevated levels before and had no problems. Usually for a person who is not used to elevated level will have head ache and nausea that may disappear in couple days.

The school year starts in February and ends in November, the school always have summer school where music is one of the focus also ESL. To teach ESL it would be nice if you can supply easy reading books and word cards.

The visa for one year to stay in Bolivia would cost about 500USD.