Project Description

Media is all digital these days. In order to automate as many tasks as possible (e.g. media organization, file conversions, audio loudness corrections, upload media to the various online platforms, announcements/status updates in social media, TV schedule creation, publishing schedules on the channel’s website, …) and to build some bigger custom software solutions (e.g. playout server, media controller in the TV studios, streaming server solutions, …) we need software developers to support our various media ministries.

Currently we are using the following programming languages and technologies:






-shell scripts for bash (Linux) or .bat files (Windows)

-AutoIT (Windows GUI automation)

-ffmpeg (command line tool media conversion etc.)



-proficiency in at least one programming language

-willing to learn new technologies as needed

-problem solving skills

-spoken languages: fluent in English or German”

This could be an opportunity here with us in Germany.

Freelance work from home would also be possible, but if by any means possible, it would be good to first meet in person somehow, e.g. the person is coming to Germany for at least 1-2 weeks and can then help remotely.