Project Description

– Needed in Bolivia, Grenada, TN and maybe Martinique for TVFamille?
– English, Spanish or French
– Skills in Adobe Premier or Final Cut video editing suites.

Desired Skills:

Good eye for detail and a critical spirit.
Creativity and an exciting interest in film and video editing.
Ability to listen to others and work well as part of a team.
High level of self-motivation, commitment and dedication in the ministry.

***For Bolivia Applicants***
Located close to Santa Cruz, easily accessible by common transportation, ReDAvenir is committed to spread the Gospel through the media and communication. Clean environment is a result of working together. It is recommended to have personal support. Monthly $100 USD is sufficient for one person including food and all that is needed. Cover your visa cost that is $700 USD/ 1 Year or $900 USD/ 3 years. Housing is provided. Extra Requirements: Understanding and living SDA Church beliefs. Modest and active in promoting Christian comportment and principles; ready to help in whatever need; able to lead Bible studies and make friends in the village….