After a typically full church service we made five visits in the afternoon including two neat contacts with Evangical folks in Chan Pine Ridge. One lady named Angela is the wife of an evangelical pastor in another village and she hitchhikes every weekend to come take care of her 90 year old mother. Last week the student who was with me gave her a tract on the Sabbath. Today she told us that she read it but started to give her reasons for keeping Sunday. God helped me keep the conversation from degenerating into an argument, and yet he gave me words to say with joy and conviction, including a selection of pertinent Bible verses. She seemed touched and open to hearing more. After visiting we had singing bands at the hospital and prayed and sang to the nurses on duty as well as 7 or 8 different patients. Two of the latter were adolescents recovering from gunshot wounds from a shootout with police when they tried to rob the money changers at the Belizean side of the Mexican border. An officer stood guard as we sang and prayed with them.  After the hospital we stopped to see a church member who’s son has a bad case of food poisoning. He has not eaten for five days and is very weak. We were able to help them so they can get the proper medicine since the charcoal he was taking, though helping was not cutting it. On our way home from there we came across a grisly hit and run accident. An elderly cyclist left dead like common roadkill. It was a grisly sight. The next day we found out that the victim was Marvin’s father. Marvin is one of several backslidden Adventists who live in CPR. We visited

Anyway, this time is spare on the description, but it’s late and I’m ready for bed. Thanks for your prayers! We need them ever so much. You are in ours as well.
Kody and Lily Kostenko