▪ Hello Mirta. 12:52 AM
▪ Can you tell Rubén to send the money with Herman? 12:56 AM
▪ Also the anesthesia and needles that you had gotten for the project. We are going to be here at Familia Feliz for one more week. And now I have no anesthesia. 12:58 AM
▪ I’m in a place in the middle of nothing at 6 km of FF (Familia Feliz). I came to find signal just to send you this message. 1:00 AM
▪ Anesthesia is not sold here. 1:00 AM

It was no longer a surprise for me to receive WhatsApp from Gabriela Garcia, so late. Since January we have been writing to each other, preparing the Project for Puerto Ustarez. I knew she works late and many times we spoke after 11:00 PM. But now it was different, we were for a few days with my family in Argentina, we had traveled for a family emergency and was in Entre Ríos in bed already for 4 days with Gastroenteritis. On April 18, four days before I had written to Gabriela that regrettably we would not be able to make the trip; a decision that cost me much pain and tears because for many months we had been planning it. The trip had been planned for April 25-29.

I had not received a response from Gabriela and when I received these emails at dawn, my joy and enthusiasm returned. Immediately I put into action, they were all sleeping, but God had another plan, we had to act fast! I started to send WhatsApp messages to Rubén and Romina, our friends who were in our house in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Remember that I was in Entre Ríos, Argentina; Gabriela in Rurrenabaque north of Bolivia and at 6:30 AM, very early Herman would leave with the plane from Santa Cruz heading to Rurrenabaque, to find the rest of the group that had come from Argentina to work in this medical missionary project. Gabriela and Gustavo had planned to stay an extra week to travel with us to Puerto Ustarez.

Rubén and Romina Richter

At 2:29 AM I finished writing to Rubén and Romina by WhatsApp about everything they had to do; go to the channel, look for the suitcase with the medications that was in the cold room, take out some things, search in my bedroom for all the missionary books that were in a box, also look for a box of Bibles and not forget the $500 dollars (to help with the trip, for one of the dentists who had come from Argentina). Everything before 6:30 AM had to be in the hangar for Herman to take it to Rurrenabaque. Thanks to God, Romina and Rubén acted quickly and at 6:00 AM Rubén was nearing the hangar after a few setbacks, such as, to find the cold room locked and where the boxes of Bibles also with key. I am very grateful to them, many times God asks that we have to act quick, that it’s beautiful when the hand of God is seen guiding everything, even though at first it seemed as a failure. The things are ready to take…

Rubén and Herman, it was a very windy morning…

April 6, we had the privilege to get to know and to have in our house the first group that came from Argentina to Rurrenabaque. Together we were able to visit channel ADvenir. Here is Dayana, Iver, Román, Pastor David and Kevin. After 2 days of driving on the trip from Argentina, Iver Perales, a dentist was tired but had the courtesy to accompany me to the Centro de Salud ADvenir (ADvenir Health Center) in Barrio Lindo and help me to find and prepare a long list of surgical instrumentation for dentistry that would be taken on the trip. What a blessing was Iver!

La Unidad Educativa (The Educational Unit) with “Internado Familia Feliz” (Happy Family Boarding School) form part of a project of Gospel Ministries International (GMI), the American Seventh-day Adventist Organization of Volunteering that provides help to orphans, abandoned, abused and of families with little resources. It homes to a maximum of 60 students per year ranging between the ages of 5-17 years, which remain on the property for 9 months a year, from February to November, with a vacation break the remaining 2 months.

The property where the shelter is located has around 250 acres and is situated about 13 kilometers to the south of the town of Rurrenabaque of the Department of Beni in Bolivia. Familia Feliz economically sustains itself exclusively through donations. Inside the property there are six small houses inhabited by groups of 8 to 12 students that are separated at the time of their arrival by age, sex, emotional development and psychosocial (life traumas, psychological problems, family background, etc.).

Each house is called “Home” and also has a distinctive name; “Home of the Cereals,” “Home of the Dry Fruits” “Home of the Vegetables,” “Home of the Fruits,” “Home of the Beans,” or “Home of Miguel’. (named after the Director of the Educational Unit).
The houses are built based on cement and brick, some with thatched roofs and others with calamine roofs. The classrooms, despite counting on the electric light, are dark, small and of little ventilation; what makes it difficult and heavy the day classes are given, is the high temperatures of the place. The School’s classrooms were remodeled and rebuilt on the property. The straw roofs of three classrooms were changed and maintenance tasks was carried out.

The work was hard, pleasant, enthusiastic and collaborative. We had a week of prayer for the children. On this medical missionary trip it was counted on the presence of professionals and participants from different countries, like Perú, Argentina, Bolivia, and Rumania. A prayer workshop was conducted “A Solas Con Cristo Jesús”. (Alone with Jesus Christ) that was given by Maximiliano de León, for the Army. Dental work was done to the children of Familia Feliz, to the Army personnel and the community.

The professionals provided assistance in Dentistry Care and medical (more specifically: Otolaryngology-ear and throat).
The service of Dentistry was free and consisted of: Operations, Endodontics, Surgery, Periodontics, Orthodontics and Dentistry.
The project was richly blessed with the presence of the six Dentists.

There were lectures on Hygiene and Oral Health.

We Give Thanks to God to be able to collaborate with this medical missionary project with:

• Dentistry portable equipment.
• Dentistry portable chair.
• Dentistry Surgical Instrumentation
• Medication (Gauzes, anesthesia, needles, etc).
• Bibles
• Missionary Books
• $500 US dollars (Cover a ticket for one Dentist from Argentina).

The Bibles were delivered to a group of brothers that each Friday visit and give Bible studies to Soldiers.

A Special thanks to Saray Gonzalez and Becky Gates for lending us the portable equipment and the Dentistry surgical instrumentation of the Centro De Salud ADvenir (ADvenir Health Center) in Santa Cruz; I know that it meant stopping Dentistry Care for the patients at the Centro De Salud (Health Center) for 3 weeks.

A Special thanks to Gabriela Garcia and all the Professionals and Builders that participated in this project. So many persons were and will be blessed by all the work done.

I invite you who is reading: if you want to give God one or two weeks or maybe three months of your time to work in the missions.

There is so much to do!
There is so much to do!