Dear brothers and sisters,


Rasto and Jannette are now wittnesses already 2 days with demons activities through young students in Paruima.


One – Liccie – has often breath stop and heart stop. Rasto and Jannette in continuing prayers are helping them to rescutite them.


God gives them strengh and peace. But the satan is not stoping. Church members are singing and praying and searching their life. Demons cry out from the lips of girl Emildra, that there is a bad music in church. Mostly hillsongs. Demon named names of people and the bad stuff, They did. She herself was involved with darkness. IN her school notebook she had drawing pictures of goat with horns and she wrote there a letter to the devil. Rasto ripped off the pages with the pictures and letter and hided in their home. After time she again screemed, and said with showing her hand towards the home. „Home, home, home“ she cried. Rasto and Jannete understood. Rasto runned to home, and burned the pages. Girl at that time immidiatly was at peace.


But today again, it beginned again with her. Demons are crying. Jannete reads Bible Revelation 20:21 about the beast and that the devil will be destroyed and demons cry that this is not true, that they will live forever. And that They have not to read from Bible, because all stuff is not true. And when They readed Isaiah 61,60 about new heaven etc, demons cryied out: You are devided us.


Yesterday devil wanted to kill Emildra, so she will jump from window, took the knife and started to hurt herself. Sister from Bolivia – Elsa – God gave her strenght, so she could hold the girl.


For Ronny and Willi (Jannete and Rasto sons) it is a great testimony. Rony started to pray after 6 months.


Girl decided for baptism this morning, and devil took her again before. Now she is in care of brothers and sister from church.


Jannette is saying that They have peace, but it is exhaustive and They sleep little because of responsibilities. But They pray and say: God is allowing what we can bear. They dont talk with demons, They just talk to God, pray and read Bible a singing at home.


They went to bed yesterday and slept under one mosquito net with children.


They asking for prayers. It is long struggle. So many hours.


This all started when Brother Early visited Paruima, bible worker and had every evening presentations. And talked about music. At that time in the church it happened with those girls, that demons started to possessing them.


God bless you uncle David.