Sharing is not one of my qualities that come naturally. God has a big work to do with me in reference to generosity. And although to be a missionary keeps me focus in serving and giving, today the story is not about my experience on sharing but a lesson I learned recently.

The Poorest

In one of our visits to one of the church elders, perhaps one of the most poorest and lonely, I felt tremendously impressed to give the grandfather some money so he could buy some food. Some 15 or 20 minutes later, I kept mentally going over how much I had in my purse and how much I was willing to give so that he would have enough for the week.

At that moment another little old man, perhaps just as poor and lonely as him, came in through the back door of the house and with a bashful smile he opened a small plastic bag and took out 4 pieces of bread for the brother that we were visiting. Both elderly men lost their look in the pieces of bread, and with gratitude the first one took the pieces of bread and immensely thanked.

Thinking Does Not Meet Needs

I felt pain in my heart and I could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly and simple. While I was thinking about and decided how I could help with my “apparently limited“ resources, another person had acted and met the need. A person who also needed my help. Even from his poverty, he had given what he had, what he could.

Do not delay in serving and giving, God has a thousand of ways of providing, but how sad that you miss the opportunity to be the instrument today, for thinking too much.


We want to conquer the world for God. But the reality is that God wants to conquer the world through us. And that equation is much more real expressed in that way, because in us we can never achieve it.

2 Years Of Training

Two years ago, MOVE began an olympic journey of faith. No classrooms, but with a dining room that function as a bedroom, a worship room, kitchen, and an events hall, we threw ourselves into the adventure. Two years later and being in the fifth generation, we see with satisfaction the course and we can say that God has been with us. Two years and 35 students have finished their 3 months of preparation. And 12 more are here preparing for their calling.

3 of 5 Inhabited Continents

In only 2 years, we have sent missionaries to 3 of 5 inhabited continents, 16 students have finished more than 6 months of service, and 5 of them are waiting for documentation to be able to travel. Twelve are finishing their program to be able to chose their mission field. And my heart is filled with joy to know that they’re not just pretty words, neither numbers, nor statistics… They are elements of change, links in the chain of salvation, the hands and feet of Christ around a world that suffers.

The Pot Of Oil

We all know the story of the widow that when she’s at the point of losing all she had including her sons, she was instructed to go and look for as many pots as she could and her “half empty” vessel she empty and emptied oil to fill all the others. A very common story. True?, but What relevance does it have for us today?

My Pot Of Oil

Just when I think it’s time to save, just when the account is in its last cents, God asks me to give again. It would seem that the lesson of giving never ends, neither to build by faith, nor to meet needs.

Never Will It Stop Coming Out

Sometimes fear takes a hold of me, doubts start to come And then what?, What happens if I give all? The answer is the same as the widow and the oil. As long as there are vessels to fill, the more needs arise, you must keep emptying. Until when?, until everything has been supplied, until everything has been shared, until there’s no more money, no time, no needs, no broken hearts, no hunger, no health problems, until then your vessel will stop producing. Until life meets eternity and our salvation becomes tangible in Christ.

The Magic Recipe

Yes, it’s nice to see buildings going up, trips made, people receiving an education, the hungry satisfied and the sick recuperating, but the only way to keep seeing miracles is to continue emptying, giving, and sharing. The vehicles keep coming, the houses appearing, the bank accounts keep filling-up and the hearts keep trusting, the missionaries keep traveling, the airplanes keep being bought and the means of communication keep communicating. And I …..I keep learning that the most difficult for God is not to find resources, but to touch the hearts of Christians like me so they learn to GIVE without fear.


No, I’m not looking for a boyfriend, although it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, I have already surrendered that job to God, and I will wait on Him. This matter is a bit more complicated. Have you sometimes prayed for something that you thought it was impossible? I do it all the time, I am sure that God smiles wide when he listens to my limited petitions but sincere.

Brave Women

At the beginning of 2015, we received various applications (registration forms) but the majority were women (7 interested single ladies). I know that God uses the women in the same measure as he uses the men, nevertheless, the influence of the men in the missionary field is greatly required and missing. Generally the quantity of women volunteers in the missionary field is always larger than of the men specially in Latin America.

A Daring Petition

So, a month before classes began, I started to pray; “Lord, You know the great necessities of males in the missionary field, You already have provided lots of girls, I know that you have the power to touch the hearts of young people available could you also provide the young men?…

And the answer came… Days later after I prayed, two young men informed us that they would come, then there were 3, a week later 4, finally 5 and I thought that was incredible. But the blessing didn’t end there, two days before class one more joined to complete 6. But if you think that’s wonderful, you should know that the last of them arrived almost at the end of the first week of classes. Seven in total, not 1, nor 2, nor 3, but 7 young men arrived. Finally we had 5 girls and 7 young men. How wonderful to have a God that can do the impossible, and that he acts mighty in favor of a fervent prayer. And what if I start to pray for you?…


I know that everyone has a phobia to at least to some kind of animal, whether it’s an insect, rodent, reptile or something, but although I don’t consider myself a person frightened by some specific creature, I have felt uncomfortable for the story you will read below.

Leg Rescue

Almost a year ago, we found an elderly in one of the communities that had a large ulcer on his leg, the health class decided to adopt this grandfather and to try to help him to recover from that ulcer that had been bothering him for more than 10 years. The doctors had decided to amputate, but the lack of resources and having no one to take him to the hospital they had delayed the procedure. Today, after a year of attention with natural remedies, his leg has only one opening the size of a small coin that in a few months could close.


But if the ulcer failed to draw tears from this brave gentlemen, there was something that did. His small house (wooden room), is quite run down, it has no kitchen, nor a bathroom and the doors and windows can hardly be kept closed. The place is dirty and messy because there is no one that can help him, and even if we do what we can, there are some things that limit us to help more. In one of our regular visits, we found our grandfather very worried. His feet had wounds and he didn’t know exactly why. It looked as if something had bitten him, but he did not tell us what was happening. After some more conversations, we realized that at nights the rats would nibbled on his feet and were injuring and cutting him. The sadness embarked upon his heart and he could only cry of despair.

Come Back Soon Jesus

Pain overwhelms me when I think about the enormous amount of people like him. Who silently suffer the consequences of loneliness, abandonment, hunger, and disease. When, Lord, will this end? When will we be transformed and happy? When will there be more Christians who open their eyes to the tragedy of sin and do something in favor of those who suffer? When will there be more people who feel their heart broken by the pains of others and act on their possibilities? I believe that when this happens, then we will see more miracles, more impossibles, more of the glory of God. Experiment it today.


We Missed The Flight

A few months ago I traveled to the United States with one of the missionary girls of California, for reasons that are not worth explaining, we missed our flight. All of our plans changed in minutes, and now we were stuck at the airport for several hours to wait for the next flight.

Noise In The Stomach

We had traveled all night and now it was lunchtime, our late night snack had already digested and we were very hungry, but, buying food at the airport is not an option when the money is to be used for something important than fast food (the only thing that I could buy without feeling guilty about spending so much money). So, we decided to wait until evening of the same day to eat something. But God had a different plan.

Green Grapes

While we waited on the grass of the airport garden a European girl approached us and extending a kilo of green grapes she asked us, “Would you like to eat these grapes? It’s that we are already full and we can’t pass these grapes through customs right now as we travel.” My eyes lit up and although my friend was a bit shy about it I extended my hands to get some and said a sincere: “Thank you.” A kilo of green grapes is much more healthier than junk food at the airport, in addition, that seedless green grapes is a luxury that I had not given me in several years. Thank you Lord for even meeting the needs that we don’t ask you to supply and in complaisant ways. You are wonderful.


We all have those ridiculous unfounded fears that limits us to do many things. Some people fear holes, watches, the elderly, hair, birds, germs etc. But one of my fears, not so rare, is speaking in English in public.

Divine Sense Of Humor

Knowing this, my Heavenly Father, has decided to help me, and this past year I received an invitation to give a “week of prayer” in an Academy in the United Estates. My fear was so big that I spent several nights of intermittent dream, imagining the worst situations and wishing that all was only a bad dream.

When the Academy students chose the theme for the “Week Of Prayer,” I couldn’t help but laugh from my nerves, since the main topic was: WITHOUT FEAR. Quite appropriate for the occasion. I spent several months studying about fear and courage, and my discoveries were elevating.

Do Not Be Afraid

Each day of the week, my legs trembled and my heart seemed to explode, but the Lord took control of the situation again and again. And blessings kept coming and the hearts were touched. I learned that the only fear that should direct our lives is the FEAR OF JEHOVAH… The fear that Jehovah had at the beginning of this world. The same fear that motivated Jesus to die for us, the fear that the Father had to spend eternity without you and without me.

THE FEAR OF profound LOVE, which you can’t imagine life without the person you love.

That fear of losing the hand of the ALMIGHTY, to lose His direction and His care, the fear of hurting him, of abandoning him, and of ignoring Him. May that FEAR based on LOVE, can motivate your life to a life of Service. That is my prayer for you.