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God’s timing

“But like the stars in the vast circuit of their appointed path, God’s purposes know no haste and no delay” (The Desire of Ages, 30.1)

Last Sunday I was up at 4:30 a.m. to get some study time in, because at 5:30 it was my turn to help prepare breakfast in the kitchen. Directly after breakfast […]

A story from Thailand

“My name is Liama Seng Yang. I live in Khunsanai. I am 72 years old.

I want to tell people all around the world the reason why I became Christian and how God helped me. Before I became Christian I was a shaman (witch doctor). The reason that I became Christian was because an evil spirit […]

“I practiced what I learned in class teacher!”

A few weeks ago I was in the garden with Adrian working the compost pile. Adrian is one of our graduating seniors this year. He lives in the nearby community of Yata and has attended our school since he was an eighth-grader. He has never been one for many words, but he has a soft […]

Work with Muslims

Peace and blessing to you all from the Philippine Islands! I just wanted to share what has been one of the most exciting few weeks of ministry in my entire four year stint here in the mission field. As most of you are aware, my family and I relocated to the greatly feared Island of […]

He had one leg

He had one leg, and was standing on the side of the road, his crutches in hand. I prayed, “Oh Lord, please send him some help!” The busses don’t run on Sundays and after spending twenty long months on crutches I know how difficult it is to be disabled. I didn’t anticipate what went through […]

The School on the High Ground Gives Living Water

“He wakeneth me morning by morning, he wakeneth my ear to hear as the learned”

Isaiah 50:4b

God will always wake you up if you ask him to. That has proved true for me anyway. In his mercy he will even wake you up when you don’t ask him to: at least in the spiritual sense. What […]

Bibles for Thailand

Last year, when we visited the USA, one of our donors said she would like us to get a Bible for every month she donates. Recently, we found the opportunity to fulfill that request.

Chiang Mai Adventist Academy has a week of prayer each semester. At each week of prayer, the Thailand Bible Society brings Bibles […]

Alfredo’s miracle

Alfredo is not your typical primary student. When he first came to us he didn’t know how to read at all and hardly knew his alphabet. He was so shy he would hardly say a word. He just kept his head down and answered any direct questions as briefly as possible. It didn’t help that […]

Work together

Brother Silvestre, a thin elderly man with a white mustache, is Don Felipe’s son. He had the sermon this last Sabbath. He said that when he used to do door-to-door work he met a man, a former Adventist who told him “I have three blows against you. If you can answer them, then I’ll listen […]

A dream of music sends a man to church

While distributing food baskets for the project Serviendo con Amor with my in-laws’’ church my group visited Don Felipe. Don Felipe is 97 years old and lives alone. We found him preparing breakfast with his cowboy hat on. He pulled up some chairs for us and then took a seat in the hammock. He […]