“What’s your address?” can be a tricky question to answer as a missionary. The correct response can depend on the time of year, or on who’s asking and for what reason. There are at least six or seven addresses I use frequently, depending on the occasion, and not one of them is really my own. At least it helps when I remember that my permanent address is in the New Jerusalem, even if I don’t know the street number yet! For now, I must be content to be a nomad.

As of today, we are camping again! Please keep us in prayer as we begin the student-led mission trip in San Pedro Columbia, a Mayan village in the mountains of southern Belize. We will be here until next Sunday doing evangelistic meetings, visitation, health expos and mechanics clinics.

Honestly though, I have it pretty posh for a missionary, with a house and a comfortable bed to go back to: nothing like Jesus who often spent the night in a garden, or in the bottom of a boat, and even said the foxes and birds had more permanent dwellings than he did! (Matthew 8:20)

My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes in the recent and current fires, or who find themselves homeless for whatever reason. May the rest of us be willing to learn to be more generous and hospitable! We may not only entertain angels, we may entertain Christ himself!