In God’s plan for Israel every family had a home on the land, with sufficient ground for tilling. Thus were provided both the means and the incentive for a useful, industrious, and self-supporting life. And no devising of men has ever improved upon that plan.

The Faith I Live p. 260

Our Mission: To restore the role of agriculture by integrating it into the three angel’s message.

The program is a holistic approach to life for sustainability and is designed to train and empower young people and families to reclaim farming and give it its place in the family setting, schools as the ABC of our education, and communities.

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The Agriculture Program includes:

Farm Management Certification

Learn how to start and manage a small vegetable farm, as well as to market your produce.

Two year program $2250 (10% for missionaries and students from the developing economies)

Master Gardener Certification

Learn how to take care of the soil so it can take care of you.

One year program $1500 (10% for overseas missionaries and students from the developing economies)

Gardening Certification

Be bold and learn how to start a productive garden using cutting edge technology to improve your soil and produce healthy food for your family.

6 months $900