I wanted to thank each of you who have been praying with and for me last week during the week of prayer at a local Seventh Day Adventist collage where I was invited to speak. The collage consists of two major groups, one of them Christian, the other Muslim. I was tasked with the responsibility of speaking to the 300 Muslim students, for one week, twice a day!

The time I spent with these young people was truly a blessing to me, and I’m excited to report that the evidence definitely suggests that these future Philippine Muslim leaders are indeed experiencing a para-dime crash of eternal significance. A significant portion of the students were new and had never been confronted with “The Gospel” in such an unorthodox manner. The rest of the students we’re in attendance in February, when speaker Asif Gokaslan opened their hearts to a perspective that had previously never been considered, and it’s clear that the Spirit of God was still moving and building on that work.

I would also like to thank Stephen Dickey who provided several Qur’ans and some Bibles for the Muslim students that attended. They we’re powerfully touched by these gifts, and friendships we’re made that I pray will last for eternity! At the close of the meeting I was interviewed by the collage newspaper, and when asked what was the most fun experience I had during my week, I shared how the chaplains had treated myself, and pastor David (the speaker for the Christian students, from Kenya) to a daylong outing to a beautiful local waterfall.

When questioned about the most important event that I experienced, I shared a testimony from my final lector. After the presentation ended, the students clapped and cheered as loud as any sporting event I have ever attended. When the applause ceased something much more meaningful touch my heart. If memory serves there were at least 20 students that came forward, as I have often experienced, I began to prepare myself for pictures. Before one picture request was made, I was surrounded by students and forced to restart my laptop. For at least 30 minutes I went back through my power-points and provided chapters & verses for multiple scriptures! I was surprised to learn that these details had been missed because the students were too busy trying to write out my entire lectors word for word! I Praise the Lord to see that these young people were so serious about the information being shared! Please continue to pray for these young students, their Adventist teachers, and the work that God is doing in that community, and throughout this Island.